5 best practices you should try to reduce loud pool pump noise

During the normal operation of a swimming pool, there’s bound to be some sort of noise by pool pump. This noise isn’t excessively annoying, but when it becomes louder, it means there’s a problem with the pump that should be checked out. If it is not addressed in time, the issues will get worse and […]

Understanding swimming pool pump noise – The definitive guide (2018)

Sound is what is produced when the eardrums vibrate due to pressure differences in the air. The vibration is transmitted from the eardrum through tiny bones in the middle ear and then through an intricate system in the temporal bone. Here the vibration is transformed into electrical nerve stimulation and communication to the brain where […]

Troubleshoot Your Noisy Pool Pump in 3 Easy DIY Ways

Some pool pumps are naturally noisy while others, which are manufactured by companies that highly concentrate in engineering and R&D produce quieter pumps. Such top pump manufacturing companies include the Pentair Intelli-Flo and Hayward EcoStar. Note that the installation of the pump and the number of elbows connected to the intake or outtake directly affect […]