7 Must-Have Swimming Pool Accessories To Keep Your Pool Healthy

Accessories To Keep Your Pool Healthy

A vast basin of water where you swim basking in the sunlight and enjoying a quiet “me-time” – now, that is your swimming pool! Your pool calms your mind, relaxes your nerves and also helps you swivel away your stress in a jiffy! However, have you thought what it needs from time to time to be in its best shape?

Essential components of a pool

A standard swimming pool requires the following “must-have” components –

However, jumping straight into these essentials won’t do much justice. We can go step by step explaining their functionality and how you can have a sparkling crystal clear swimming pool if you know the right maintenance tips!

1. Pool Pump enclosures

These are specialized pool pump covers which make your pump stay healthy! The enclosures are designed in a way so that the noise emanating from your pool pump gets reduced.

In less than 5 minutes, you can install these boxes, without any nuts and bolts. Many such enclosure manufacturers engineer absolute no noise cover-ups which are much more appealing than the prevailing bulky alternatives in the market. 

Divulging in these latest sound shutters, perks of pool pump enclosures include:

  • No operating cost if you get eco-friendly cardboard covers.
  • No screws or special tools required to fit them.
  • Saves money as design is not that high-ended.
  • Enhanced durability and yet extremely light weight.

With pool pump covers, there are no more complaints coming from your neighbour! PHEW!

2. Pool Pump

One of the most vital tools, the pool pump motor draws in water and pushes it through its filter and back to the pool. It comprises of three parts –

  • Pump – Technically a bucket with a lid and a basket integrated within it.
  • Impeller – A super fast spinning device sucking the water in and out!
  • Motor – A heavy and long tube shaped element located behind the pump whose job includes helping the impeller

[Note: Pumps come in a variety of sizes, speed limits and shapes. Speed is the most crucial factor to  be considered while purchasing a pump. The bigger the pool, the bigger the pump! And if you will believe it, varied pool pump covers also come along with the package now.

3. Pool covers

Keen on keeping your pool tidy and clean? Still facing trouble at achieving it?

No worries! Nowadays, automated and manual pool covers exist in the global market at economic prices. Twigs, debris from your garden during a storm, bugs crawling to swim – all these make your pool unappealing and dirty. Here comes the pool covers which help protect it during storm and rain!

4. heater

For all those people living in cold climates, who told you cannot enjoy a swim now and then?

A heater comes in very handy as it enables to keep the pool water warm and comfy. Few of the heater types include natural gas, electric, solar and propane. While with pool pump enclosures keeping your swimming area noise-free, a heater is an extra perk to enjoy a mind-refreshing dip!

5. chemical feeders

A handy feature which eases the process of adding sanitizers to your pool greatly. You can fill it with the right form of sanitizer like; bromine, chlorine or even a mineral cartridge. Chemical feeders work wonders as a pool equipment treating the waters’ pH and smell issues! They also prove useful in treating bacteria, manganese and iron levels. It is an effectively economical tool to have!

6. stairs

Decked pools require sturdy ladder or pool steps to provide you a safe entry and exit! Standard deck ladder steps or stairs reach ground level for pools which are 48” or 52” deep. Moreover, they can withstand wearing out issues for a long time. The stainless deck ladder types are the best for kids.

You can also try out the walk-in steps. Basically, these are 4 steps structured with 2 handrails which assist you with entry and exit. Many walk-in steps prove resistant to UV rays and also, chlorine sanitizers.

7. drains

Swimming pools’ drains are not the so-called ones used to drain out water! Rather, these work as outlets by housing a pipe running straight to the pump, moving on to the filter and then to your pool hester and then again, back to your pool through multiple inlets. Drains assure that nothing gets stuck in the pool system keeping the water flow solid and clear!

[Note: Apart from the pool pump enclosures which reduce the motor noise, you can also consider a vacuum release system as additional perk to check whether anything is trapped in your pool or not.]

With all said regarding the “must-have” list, we forgot one thing!

Of course the cute pool toys are another must if you have kids! Floating ducks on a crystal blue pool water will surely make their mood go up! Make sure to get perky little toys so that a cool summer poolside party gets a notch up for everybody!

Swim your Worries Away”.