Assembly Instructions


Q: I found you in a blog on the internet talking about pool pump enclosures and noise issues with pool pumps – Do you still have a brochure of the product you discussed in that discussion thread ? I have a pool pump that is making an issue for one of my neighbors and for the bedroom in my homewhere the pump is near.

A: Yes, download the brochure listed

Q: My pump is extremely noisy. What can I do?

A: If you are experiencing excessive noise, you will need to determine whether it is: (1) bearing noise, (2) vibration noise, or (3) hydraulic noise. If, after isolating the source of the noise, you are unable to determine a cause, you could consider covering the pump with Serene+.

Q: I’m just wondering since nothing covers the motor, what sound is actually dampened?

A: We only cover the impeller enclosure which produces the high frequency noise (due to cavitation). We have measured continuous noise dampening results of 75-93%.

Q: Isn’t the motor making all the noise?

A: No, normally, the motor doesn’t produce nearly as much noise unless you have a bad bearing. It is due to cavitation and the pressure in the pipes. The more elbows the more noise.

Product information

Q: To install Serene+ do I need to use my pool service technician?

A: No, assembly is very easy and can be completed in minutes. All the panels are secured with Velcro.

Ventilation concerns

Q: Does the Serene+ allow for adequate ventilation as specified by manufacturer?

A: We do not cover the motor; we only cover the skimmer/impeller enclosure, so no risk of the motor overheating. Serene+ is designed for reducing the high frequency noise produced by cavitations. Please take a look at the various installation pictures. The only pump that we fully cover is the Pentair Intelli-Flo and Hayward EcoStar, because these pumps have a built-in cooling fan and the fan is noisier than the motor while running at highest speed.

Material resilience

Q: Is Serene+ weather resistant?

A: Yes, the outer layer is made of a Heavy Duty Sturdy Vinyl coated with PVC (Ultra violet protectant) that can withstand high ambient temperature with a Cold Crack of -55 degree F.

Q: My pump is very close to the filter, can I still use Serene+?

A: Yes, our material is flexible however very dense and heavy (20 Lb).


Q: My neighbor has multiple pumps for his large pool, water features, and spa – all under my bedroom window. Since I will need multiple covers, cost is an issue. Can you give me an idea of the price?

A: The basic price is $309.99 + FL tax. We give 10% discount when you order >10 units.

Q: Do you offer volume discounts for distributor or pool Service Companies?

A: Yes, Please contact Laurent @760.736.4987


Q: How would I purchase a cover?

A: Go to:  www.noisypool.com/product or Call 760.736.4987

Q: Can your company design a custom cover for my pump?

A: Not at this time, we are too busy manufacturing the existing designs.


Q: Can you ship outside the US?

A: Yes, we have shipped in the Canada, Europe, and Australia. Customer is responsible for import fees at custom.

Q: How long does it take to ship Serene+?

A: We strive to ship Next-day but during peak season, please allow 2-3 weeks, we will notify you of any delays.

Q: When purchasing, I see “Back-ordered“, when would I expect the order to ship?

A: From time to time during peak seasons (spring and summer) we could have a back order of 4 weeks. We keep our customers updated on a weekly basis.

Return policy

Q: What type of trial period or guarantee do you offer?

A: 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. If you are unhappy with the product you may return it up to 30 days after delivery for all a full refund minus 10% restocking fee. The buyer is responsible for all shipping cost. You need to contact us via email and request an RMA# before returning an item.