Energy Efficient Swimming Pool Equipment Helps You Save Money

Energy Efficient Swimming Pool Equipment Helps You Save Money

Having a swimming pool is a refreshing outdoor activity. It is not only a joy to a family but also great for you to exercise.

Swimming pools require additional tools such as its pump, heater, and filter to keep it clean and fresh. While investing in such tools. It is important to note the energy-efficient ways that would keep costs low.

In the market, there is pool equipment available that are designed for energy efficiency. Energy efficiency products can make a big difference when it comes to power consumption. Enjoy your swimming pool to the fullest knowing you are using keeping your energy usage to the lowest possible.

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Check out a few tips to reduce your pool’s energy usage:

Pool Pumps

Pool pumps can be one of the highest energy costs in your home electricity bill, which makes many homeowners look for energy-efficient equipment’s available in the market. This equipment is crucially important when it comes to swimming pool as it performs so many functions and without a doubt, the pool pump should be the first to be looked after for energy savings and lower power consumptions.

Tip: It’s a good idea to use a variable speed pump as it functions by optimising your energy usage. This is because it generally adjusts the speed at which it basically runs based on other equipment’s needs. Investing in a variable speed Energy Star certified pool pump will significantly increase the pool’s energy efficiency.

Pool Heaters

Having a pool heater will provide the perfect temperature whenever according to your needs. Although, heating your swimming pool can increase your utility bills for sure.

Tip:  Pick a heater that best matches your needs and energy saving as well. Choosing the right heater is important. There are three primary categories of pool heating systems available that are efficient and easy on bills. Such as heat pumps, solar systems, and gas heaters. Each of them provides good advantages and performances on energy efficiency.

Pool Filters

Pool filters do not really take a lot of energy, but they do have an impact on how hard the pump must work. As we know that to backwash, the filter uses a lot of energy.

Tip: Use cartridge filters. This makes it easier to clean the cartridge itself while eliminating the need to backwash. Energy-efficient water flows through cartridge filters can also save thousands of gallons of water every year. The Cartridge filters are an easier and great option on your pump motor. They consume less power draw than any sand or DE type as well. Technically pleats allow enough water to pass through hourly. And the filtration of the entire pool completes more quickly than expected.

LED lighting

Installing LED lights is a great way to have your pool’s energy-efficiency increased. LED lights can also last up to 10 times longer as well, that is less maintenance on the go. Additionally, LED pool lighting is generally the most durable. Which has 20,000 hours of power. Such LED brand could effectively last for 10 years or more. Thus, reducing power usage.