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07 Jun
City noise ordinance for swimming pool pumps – it might be closer than you think…

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San Jose California City Noise Ordinance (and surrounding cities) to be aware of for your existing or new pool planning If you plan on having a pool installed, or if you currently have a pool at your home in San Jose, California, then you will want to pay attention to this blog. Due to a local City noise ordinance, you may and most likely will be required to take extra…

09 Dec
Understanding Pool Pump Noise

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What is sound? Sound is what is produced when the eardrums vibrate due to pressure differences in the air. The vibration is transmitted from the eardrum through tiny bones in the middle ear and then through an intricate system in the temporal bone. Here the vibration is transformed into electrical nerve stimulation and communication to the brain where it is translated into the sounds we perceive. We hear multiple tones,…

20 Nov
Understanding Pool Pump Motor Operation

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Pool Pump Motors While keeping the pool's sanitation, free of debris and clean, the pool power pump motor pumps the water from a pool, all the way through the filter and then circulate it back into the pool again. Pool operations It is strongly recommended by the pool builders to run your pool pump at least for two cycles per day. This act is essential to keep the water sanitation…

31 Oct
How To Troubleshoot Noisy Pool Pumps

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Some pool pumps are naturally noisy while others, which are manufactured by companies that highly concentrate in engineering and R&D produce quieter pumps. Such top pump manufacturing companies include the Pentair Intelli-Flo and Hayward EcoStar. Note that the installation of the pump and the number of elbows connected to the intake or outtake directly affect the flow of water. That in turn increases the amount of effort that the motor…