The Top 7 Most Exotic Swimming Pools in The United States

Ah, what do you love more than relaxing in a luxurious pool on a bright sunny day, while having some delicious margaritas? If your idea of a perfect vacation sounds just like this, then you have to check out these 7 amazing exotic swimming pools that are fit for royalty, you know you deserve the best! Some of the best swimming pools in the United States are part of hotels and resorts, which gives you the perfect environment to unwind and relax.

Keep reading this article to know more about the most exotic swimming pools in the country and make sure to add them to your bucket list so that your need for hydrotherapy gets its regular fix.

1.The Infinity Pool at the Sheraton Waikiki

This branch of the Sheraton Hotel in Honolulu, Hawaii is the most famous for its pristine and magnificent infinity pool. The concept of an infinity pool originated in France and is made in a way that the water falls off the edge of the pool. An infinity pool is usually built against the backdrop of a water body or the sky, to give it the illusion of a never-ending swimming pool.

The infinity pool at the Sheraton Waikiki is set by the beach and is open to adults only, which gives you a relaxing time with your loved ones minus all the children screaming. If you want to float your worries away or just lounge on your beach towel with a book, the infinity pool at the Sheraton Waikiki should be on your list of swimming pool pilgrimage.

Infinity Pool

To know more about this pool, check out the official website of the Sheraton Waikiki –

2. The Homestead Crater at the Homestead Resort, Utah

Utah’s best-kept secret is the Homestead Crater, which is a part of the Homestead Resort. It is a natural geothermal hot spring which is almost ten thousand years old. It is the result of a lot of dynamic geothermal activity, and now we have an awesome beehive shaped limestone pool which we refer to as the Homestead Crater.

This is truly a unique swimming pool which is well-known for its bizarre creation back-story, and for attracting visitors from all over the world. This hot spring is very rich in minerals, so the nice warm soak is very beneficial to your body as well as your mind.

If you have more of an adventurous mind, then you can snorkel as well! You can scuba and snorkel under professional guidance or just kick back and enjoy the natural beauty.

 The Homestead Crater

To know more about the Homestead Crater, check out the following website –

3. The Glenwood Hot Springs Pool at the Glenwood Hot Springs Resort

Another geothermal hot spring on this list, the Glenwood Hot Springs Pool in Colorado is the ideal getaway for a romantic night with your loved one. Not only does soaking in a natural hot spring feel awesome and super rejuvenating, but not many people may know about all the amazing health benefits of this hot spring.

Geothermal hot springs are loaded with minerals which dissolve into the water and seep into your skin. Some of the most common minerals in any geothermal hot spring are Boron, Calcium, Sodium, Lithium, Potassium, Manganese, Silica, Nitrogen and many more. All these minerals helps you with everything from strengthening bones, promoting better hair and nail growth, regulate pH levels of the body and also improve digestion. 

Glenwood Hot Springs Pool

To know more about the Glenwood Hot Springs Pool in Colorado, check out this link –

4. The Swimming Pool at the Enchantment Resort

Located in the extremely beautiful part of Arizona, the Enchantment Resort is situated in the scenic area called Sedona. This resort prides itself on all the natural beauty they have to offer and one more thing – the outdoor swimming pool overlooking the picturesque setting of Mother Nature. Giving you serious Grand Canyon vibes, you can enjoy some exquisite service while chilling by the poolside with your friends and family while taking in all the grandeur of nature.

When you feel like you want to enjoy indoors, this resort also has an indoor pool which you can dip into before or after receiving some tender pampering at their spa. If you love a vacation with an outdoorsy feel, then this swimming pool is ideal for you.

Swimming Pool at the Enchantment Resort

To know more about the swimming pool at the Enchantment Resort, check out the following link –

5. The Swimming Pool at Amangiri, Utah

A part of the Aman chain of resorts, Amangiri is a luxury resort best known for its Navajo themed spa and swimming pool. While the resort is super luxurious, it does not forget its roots which are deep-seated in Navajo culture and just the magic and beauty of nature. Located in Canyon Point, Utah, they have an exquisite swimming pool overlooking the awesome view and has this special rustic feel which we love so much.

You can chill out in the outdoor pool and marvel at the beautiful night sky and the natural landscape, or detox in their renowned spa. Spread over a huge property, you will fall in love with the swimming pool thanks to its gorgeous layout and awesome pool service.

Swimming Pool at Amangiri, Utah

To know more about the Amangiri, check out this link – 

6. The Tank at the Golden Nugget Casino Hotel, Las Vegas

If you are a wildlife and adventure junkie, then you will fall in love with this swimming pool. Accurately referred to as the Tank, this swimming pool at the Golden Nugget Casino Hotel is built in such a way to make you feel like you are swimming right next to sharks, and what can be more thrilling than that? What makes this pool even better is the 30 feet high water slide which gives you the type of entry in the pool that cannot be topped in any way.

With the world-class H20 bar right there, you can cool off by having some yummy drinks and unwind in the presence of magnificent sea creatures. An awesome water slide, a great waterfall, and a 200,000-gallon shark tank – have you ever seen a pool as crazy as this one?

Tank at the Golden Nugget Casino Hotel, Las Vegas

To know more about this swimming pool, check out this link –

7. The Swimming Pool at the Grand Wailea Resort, Maui

This beach resort is most well-known for its 2000 feet long lazy river which runs through the property. Located in Maui, Hawaii, this is the ideal resort to come to if you want the perfect beach experience.

Laze in the lazy river which has fun waterslides and waterfalls, go snorkeling and attend scuba diving lessons with professionals, this is the place you want to be at if you want to fulfill your yearning for water. Apart from the gorgeous and relaxing lazy river, you will also have access to the Wailea beach, which has been named as the best beach in America. Need we say more?

Swimming Pool at the Grand Wailea Resort, Maui

To know more about the Grand Wailea Resort, check out this link –

If you have a swimming pool, you might be wondering how cool is your pool? But you don’t have to feel any inferior because your favorite pool is always going to be your backyard pool. And to maintain that, check out our blog on Swimming Pool Maintenance Checklist.

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