The Importance Of A Backyard Swimming Pool

Backyard Swimming Pool

A swimming pool may be an awesome addition to your home that can create active lifestyle, but it also makes your home great for hosting and entertaining friends and family. In the summertime everyone loves some pool time, especially kids and your furry pets. Although having a proper backyard swimming pool may seem like a lot of work because of the sheer maintenance of it. But these days pool maintenance is a very lucrative business as well and more and more people are loving the concept of having a backyard swimming pool!

So why should you get a backyard swimming pool in the first place?

  • It is an awesome tool for entertainment and recreational activities

Picture this – it’s a warm summer day and you have your friends over. What would be the best activity which involves everyone and lots of fun? A pool party, of course! Having all your friends and family enjoy the pool while playing a volleyball game sounds like a scene from a film, but it can well be a reality. Also, a dip in the pool is an awesome way to destress after a long day at work.

  • It facilitates good health

Aquatic therapy or hydrotherapy can be done easily when you have a backyard swimming pool. The rehabilitation properties of water are extremely beneficial for people who have suffered major injuries. The best part? Aquatic therapy works well for humans as well as animals! Now you and your pet can better their health together in a fun manner. Swimming as physical activity, in general, is a great way to burn extra calories and get in perfect shape.

  • You can practice and improve your swimming skills

A backyard swimming pool is an ideal addition to a home when you or any member of your family is a professional swimmer or aims to become one. With a pool in your backyard, it becomes very easily accessible and the more you practice, the better swimmer you will become.

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What is your budget?

You must decide your budget by 3 different parameters. Please keep in mind that when you decide that you want to get a backyard swimming pool, you are also signing up for buying swimming pool accessories and safety equipment. So, make sure you are accounting for these costs as well.

  • Decide your budget

Have a ballpark price set in your mind and make sure this number is flexible and can change around a bit depending on your requirements.

  • What swimming equipment would you require

When you decide to build a swimming pool in your backyard, you are also required to purchase a few equipment and accessories which ensure that your pool is always clean and well maintained. Having equipment like a circulation pump, a filtration system, pH tester, and bromine sanitizer are the most basic equipment any pool owner must have.

  • Size and design of the pool

The bigger the pool, the more expensive it gets, for obvious reasons. The same goes for the design of the pool as well. If the design is complex, the price will increase accordingly.

Pool safety and accessories

  • Swimming pool safety equipment

When you have a backyard swimming pool, keeping safety as a top priority is a must. Here are a few things you must most definitely invest in –

  • Pool alarm

This device is a must, especially when you have children in your home. It is an alarm which is installed in a place which gives access to the backyard swimming pool. This way, you will always know when the pool is in use and you can keep a watchful eye out.

  • Pool fence and latch

Another must have if you have kids running around in your backyard. Slipping and drowning is, unfortunately, a very real scenario and as a responsible pool owner, one must take all the precautions necessary to avoid it.

  • Pet pool safety equipment

For pets, life jackets are a great precaution to have until they get a 100% used to the pool.

  • Safety Vacuum Release System

SVRS are a must as they are responsible for the pool pump pressure and help in identifying any change in pressure. This system is vital for the good health of your pool and maintaining hygiene.

  • Swimming pool pump and cover

The swimming pool pump is the reason why pools look so clean and inviting to our eyes. All you see is the beautiful pool but what you don’t get to see is the complex system of the pool pump. Before you go ahead and buy a pool pump, make sure that you’ve done your research and don’t end up getting an noisy pool pump as it can be super annoying to hear the constant whirring of the engine while you are trying to enjoy your swim. Noisy pool pumps should be dealt with in an appropriate manner, by soundproofing them. Pool pump soundproofing is something you can do to reduce the sound of your noisy pool pump.

How to soundproof your noisy pool pump –

  1. By leveling the pool pump surface
  2. By installing pads which absorb the sound (vibration pads)
  3. By cleaning the pool pump
  4. By cleaning the skimmer basket
  5. By covering the pool pump with a soundproof blanket

These are just some ways you can combat this issue. But if all the above tactics fail, then your next move should be investing in a pool pump cover.

Pool pump covers are a great way to cut down on the excessive sound of the pool pump. Due to the increasing demand for pool pump covers, there are many aesthetically pleasing pool pump covers in the market today, so you can go for one which matches your style and enhances the beauty of your pool.

  • Swimming pool accessories

According to us, the most practical pool accessory you can invest in is a pool pump cover. The jarring loud noises of a pool pump has the power of killing a nice chilled out vibe, and that is something you should just not tolerate! A pool pump cover can conveniently reduce the sound of the pool pump and elevate your backyard swimming pool experience.

Apart from an awesome pool pump cover, you must investigate buying a sand filter, drain grills, pool grating, skimmers, ladder, and handrails.