What’s the Lifespan of Your Swimming Pool?

Life span of swimming Pool

A swimming pool is a great addition to a home. It is not only is a great recreational activity, but also an awesome way to exercise and stay fit. Having a swimming pool at home instantly makes your space the hub of all activities and promotes a healthy lifestyle. Time with friends and family become more fun, especially when you can bond with them over activities like swimming or just chilling in the pool.

But like most things in life, even a swimming pool has a set lifespan or a duration to function flawlessly. Think about it – any swimming pool is a collection of many different components which work in tandem so that the entire system can work together. If any one component of the swimming pool malfunctions or breaks down, then it affects the entire pool. 

To ensure that your pool has a longer life, making sure the components are healthy and functioning is very important. Some of the problems a swimming pool may have are:

  • An imbalance in the delicate chemical composition
  • Wear and tear of the material of the smaller components
  • The UV breakdown
  • Prolonged usage

The Shell of the swimming pool

The life of a swimming pool entirely depends on the life of the materials used. The shell of the pool can be quite telling in terms of lifespan and how many years a pool can go on without a hitch.

There are a variety of different materials which can be used for the shell of the swimming pool and the most common one is concrete. Coincidentally, the concrete shell is also the one with has the greatest life out of them all. A concrete shell swimming pool can have a lifespan of 25 years and more. There are other advantages of using concrete too like a great level of flexibility while designing. By this, we mean that the shell of the pool can be by the pool owner when concrete is used. 

The Swimming Pool Cover

The average lifespan of a swimming pool cover is about 7 years and it may need replacement after 7 years. The swimming pool cover’s job might seem singular and simple, but the swimming pool cover, in reality, serves two very important functions – it helps keep your swimming pool clean and free of dirt particles and also helps maintain the temperature of the pool and reduce the amount of water being evaporated.The Pool cover also adds to the quality and functioning of the pool as a whole.

There are different types of pool covers you can invest in – some simple vinyl ones which do the basic job and some high-end pool covers which are automated. There are also pool covers which are called solar covers which have an insulating property which is most effective in temperature control and maintenance.

The Swimming Pool Filter & Pump and It’s Cover

The life expectancy of the swimming pool filter and the pump is 10 years on an average. After 10-12 years the filter and pump need replacement.

The job of the pool filter and pump is to maintain the health of the water used in the pool. The filter primarily is the component which uses diatomaceous earth or DE to filter out dirt particles from the water and the pump is used for pumping this filtered water throughout the body of the pool. Apart from just pumping filtered water, the pool pump is also responsible for regulating the pumping of chemicals in the pool which helps maintain the chemical balance in this ecosystem.

The cover for the pool pump and filter is also very important as the cover helps you block out all the noise generated by the filter system. Having a filter cover for the pool is an essential accessory because it makes the pool a relaxing place to be in.

What Is the Importance Of A Pool Pump Cover?

While we can completely understand the significance and importance of the swimming pool pump as it is integral to the functioning of a great swimming pool, we must not disregard the importance of the swimming pool pump cover.

For the pump to work effectively, the inner mechanism plays a huge role. The mechanical functions of the pool pump result in noise as a byproduct. This noise can be extremely annoying, especially if you want to spend some relaxing time unwinding by the pool. Pool pump covers are designed in a way to minimize this annoying noise and making sure that the pool owners can fully enjoy their pool .

The Swimming Pool Water Heater

The life of a swimming pool water heater is about 8 to 10 years. While we get that a swimming pool water heater is completely optional, one must keep in mind that adding a pool water heater elevates the swimming experience. That initial plunge into the cold can be quite upsetting. Pool water heaters are a must in places with extreme climatic conditions.

These water heaters use propane, solar energy or even natural gas to heat up the water in the pool. Depending on what energy they use, the energy bills are based on that. Swimming pool water heaters are an expensive investment, but when taken care of and maintained properly, they can add a lot of value.

The Vinyl Lining of The Pool

The vinyl liner has a life expectancy of 10 years on an average. It is a budget-friendly option for those who want to get a swimming pool but can’t invest the initial large sum all at once. Just like concrete shell pools, vinyl liners can also be customized easily. But unlike concrete shell pools, their life span is only about 10 years and are also cheaper to replace. But the fact that this vinyl liner is prone to tears can be a big drawback.

Life of Concrete Swimming Pools

Concrete swimming pools are known for being able to last a long time. A great concrete swimming pool can last longer than a vinyl swimming pool, but it requires fixing and resurfacing every ten years. If the owners of the pool can take great care of their concrete swimming pool, then it can last for more than 40 years.

Life of Fiberglass Swimming Pools

Fiberglass swimming pools can last for about 30 years or so, but this duration highly depends on the quality of the fiberglass used. The material is generally known for its strength and durability, but while getting a fiberglass pool, you must be extremely careful about what pool manufacturer you end up choosing. Once you have made a sound decision, you can be sure that your pool will last for at least 30 years.

Pool Maintenance Is Key to Great Pool Health

Pool maintenance includes checking chemical balance, hygiene and regular repairs of the components. Maintenance depends on how extensively you use your pool. If pool parties are a regular affair at your place, then pool maintenance should be too. 

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