Pool Pump Motor Covers

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U.S PATENT NO.: 7,874,400

here are some of the great features
that make this a No-Brainer!

  • 75% – 90% sound reduction
  • No operating cost
  • Easy assembly, lays flat for storage
  • Lid removes for pump inspection and maintenance
  • Durable, lightweight, high-temperature resistant construction
  • Protects pump against: rust, dirt, rain, snow, tree sap and sun

Noisy pool pump

  • Extends the life of your pump, protects against corrosion
  • Versatile fit or custom fit available
  • Use with your favorite pool pump
  • One-year limited warranty
  • Various Colors available to blend into your landscape


Noisy pool pump cover for Pentair, Hayward, Maxflo-II & Jacuzzi pool pumps

Reduce Your Pool Pump Noise with Our Motor Covers

You would certainly like to swim in your pool and to spend quality time with your loved ones. But do you find humming noises from the pool pump ruining those precious moments? Don’t worry as we have a great solution to stop this ruckus and to offer you with complete peace of mind. We offer top-rated and economical pool pump motor cover to eliminate the unwanted noise coming from the pump.

Pool pumps are important to purify unwanted debris and germs from the water. They also help to keep the water clean and make it safe to swim in. But working pump cannot remain quiet, and the sound can create a disturbance for the people around. By installing our pool motor cover, we guarantee a reduction in the sound by 75%-90%.

We offer pool pump cover that are affordable and are very easy to install. You don’t have to invest for additional operational costs. We promise you to deliver calm and serene setting around the poolside to make it more pleasant. Install our pool cover pump and get rid of the complaints from neighbors.