5 Top Tips To Lower Your Swimming Pool Bills Upto 50%

Owning a swimming pool comes with the responsibility of keeping it in the best condition. Maintaining a swimming pool is not limited to the mechanical components but also the electrical parts. The electrical consumption is a major factor to your swimming pool bill. A swimming pool consumes electricity for powering the pump, pool lights, pool […]

Energy Efficient Swimming Pool Equipment Helps You Save Money

Having a swimming pool is a refreshing outdoor activity. It is not only a joy to a family but also great for you to exercise. Swimming pools require additional tools such as its pump, heater, and filter to keep it clean and fresh. While investing in such tools. It is important to note the energy-efficient […]

3 diy steps to determine pool pump cycle duration in hours

To keep the pool free of debris and sanitized, the pool pump motor must circulate the water from the pool all the way back to the filter and back to the pool.  This whole process is considered the pool pump cycle. It is strongly recommended by the pool builders to run your pool pump at […]