The Top 7 Most Exotic Swimming Pools in The United States

Ah, what do you love more than relaxing in a luxurious pool on a bright sunny day, while having some delicious margaritas? If your idea of a perfect vacation sounds just like this, then you have to check out these 7 amazing exotic swimming pools that are fit for royalty, you know you deserve the […]

The Importance Of A Backyard Swimming Pool

A swimming pool may be an awesome addition to your home that can create active lifestyle, but it also makes your home great for hosting and entertaining friends and family. In the summertime everyone loves some pool time, especially kids and your furry pets. Although having a proper backyard swimming pool may seem like a […]

DIY Swimming Pool Maintenance – A Complete Checklist

Everyone loves a dip in the pool during the weekends to play with family and friends. For some, spring is incomplete without great barbecues by the poolside. But, we detest the pool in winter and hate cleaning it. We believe that the best way to clean your swimming pool is to have a regular cycle […]

Never a Noisy Pool Again! Know The Benefits of Pool Pump Covers

“Life is cool by the pool!” But, what happens when it becomes uncool? What do you do when your irritating neighbor keeps on nagging about the sound your pool pump makes, disturbing her afternoon nap? The vicious circle of self-doubt crops up when you start questioning yourself. Do I have the right pool pump covers? Before delving […]

12 Things to Know Before Building Your First Swimming Pool

Most property owners these days desire to have a backyard swimming pool and if you are one of them, here’s a beginner’s guide to building your pool. The existence of a swimming pool enhances the beauty of the property, and it also makes your kids happy as they spend hours playing there! No doubt, building […]

5 benefits of using swimming pool pump cover

Ahh, the backyard swimming pool, is there anything more enjoyable than a dip in the cool, clear water on a hot summer day? If there is, then it might be lying by the poolside getting a tan after that refreshing swim. Having your own pool can be a great way to have fun, relax, and stay fit, but there are […]

5 Actionable Techniques to Quiet a Noisy Pool Pump

A pool pump is one of the most important parts of your swimming pool. It facilitates the circulation of pool water. Hence, keeping the pump in good working condition is essential in ensuring that your pool operates optimally. Normally, the pool pump motor is noisy. This level of noise may not be loud enough to cause any concern […]

4 Amazing troubleshooting pool pump motor problems

A pool pump motor is a mechanical device that is used to pump water from a pool through its filter and then circulate the water back into the pool, thereby making the pool clean and debris free. If properly installed and maintained, while operating, you can hear some noise from the pool pump motor, but […]