When to Replace Your Pool Pump & Common Problems with Solutions

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy summer by going for a swim in their own pool? However, your best summer could easily become a complete mood killer if the “heart” of the swimming pool the pool pump starts acting up. Before you know it, the acidity level of your pool could change, and algae formation could […]

5 Top Tips To Lower Your Swimming Pool Bills Upto 50%

Owning a swimming pool comes with the responsibility of keeping it in the best condition. Maintaining a swimming pool is not limited to the mechanical components but also the electrical parts. The electrical consumption is a major factor to your swimming pool bill. A swimming pool consumes electricity for powering the pump, pool lights, pool […]

Best Types of Swimming Pools For Colder Climates

We all know about swimming pools.  They are fun, entertaining, can help improve your health, area great escape from the daily hectic routine, and a source of relaxation. Despite all these benefits, it is hard to use your pool in cold climates, compared to the use you do in the summer. During the winter, your […]

Most Common Pool Pump Issues and Their Solution

Swimming pools are great entertainment and fun option for family and friends. Maintaining and servicing is an essential task for its great experiences. If a swimming pool has not been properly serviced there will be issues that could lead to expensive bills and unpleasant sounds or noise. Certain sounds such as screeching, gurgling noise can […]

How to get rid of algae from your swimming pool?

In this blog, we will learn the science to kill algae and how the growth of algae affects the functioning of your pool. What are algae? Algae is a non-flowering plant that typically includes seaweeds and many single-celled forms organisms. Algae is not your traditional plant and therefore lacks true stems and roots, leaves, and […]