Eco-Friendly Pool: High-Efficiency Pool Pumps & Equipment

Pool Pumps & Equipment

Building a pool is not easy. Maintaining a pool is even harder, but it can be done. We present to you hidden secrets and tips to manage your own personal pool. These suggestions are cost-effective and readily available. Practicing them will provide you with a pool for long-term relaxation, exercise, and a source of fun.

Install New Equipment without Breaking the Bank

Pool construction

If you purchase anything the first thing you see, you are not making the best decision. The same rule applies to purchashing a pool and pool equipment.  When you are ready to construct  a pool, we suggest communicating with a few swimming pool contractors to get a quote.

Accessorize wisely

Don’t over-accessorize the pool. It’s easy to get carried away with towel warmers, flamingo pool rings, and other accessories. However, they can break the bank. We suggest you purchase the toys when they are on sale, so wait for those discount offers.

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Decide on pool size.

You may want a large pool in the backyard to make the neighbors jealous and increase property value. However, the larger the pool size, the more costly it will be. From construction to maintenance, the cost of your swimming pool will go up.

Patio vs. Pool

We recommend you build a small patio to reduce the overall swimming pool budget. You can add a complete patio later when you have saved enough.

How to Make Your Pump More Efficient?

Do not install an oversized pump.

There is a margin of safety involved when the pumps are compared to the application process. The pool motor will not pump efficiently if it is oversized. Usually, the centrifugal pumps are oversized at least twenty percent. The energy-efficient pool pump will consume less energy yet provide increased water pressure.

Impeller trimming

Assuming you have installed the oversized motor, up-rooting and installing a smaller one is not a wise option. Therefore, try impeller trimming to reduce the pressure and regulate the flow. The impeller is cost-efficient and won’t necessarily break the bank. The speed varies, so it can be set by choice.

Install multiple pumps

You can also install multiple pumping systems. These are called VFDs and carry different requirements. When a single pump is installed, it will work beyond its useful life. Therefore, installing multiple pumps as a backup system is wise, so you don’t overwork the single pump.

Pool Equipment Accessories


Pool circulation is the true testament to your pool quality. If you setup the pump correctly, adding a water fountain will look great in your swimming pool. It will increase water movements, and present an aesthetically pleasing look. Also, these fountains are small and easy to work around.

Towel warmer

A towel warmer can mimic a spa-like setting right from home. These towel warmers maintain a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius and immediately stop being too warm. Otherwise, they may overheat. You can plug them into the standard 120 volts outlet.

Drink holder

Chilled drinks in the pool on a hot summer’s day? No, you’re not dreaming. The drink holders will securely hold the drink so they don’t tip over in the pool water. These holders are customizable too. Some come in flamingo and other fun pool objects.

Storage bin for toys

Leaving the pool toys in the sun floating on the pool is not very hygienic. We suggest purchasing a storage bin to accommodate the deflated pool toys. The extra storage will reduce the chances of mold appearing in the toys.

Improve Equipment Lifespan

Read manufacturer’s manual.

We have no doubt about your engineering talents! However, for pool equipment to successfully stay operating for a long time, you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions. The information is crucial to cleanliness, maintenance requirements, and equipment repair.

Regular inspection

Even though pool equipment is not moved around, they are still being used. Inspecting the equipment regularly or weekly is required to assess wear and tear. An excellent example would be monitoring pool filters.

Regular maintenance

Keeping the equipment clean is an easy technique to eliminate the expensive re-purchasing of pool equipment. You will also avoid budding heads with pool accessories that do not cooperate. Regular maintenance will prevent clogging, mud, and grease.

Be proactive

Another healthy measure is being proactive rather than reactive. If you see a pool part is not working well, do not wait for it to go entirely out of use. Take the initiative and repair it timely. It will cost you a lot less than purchasing new equipment, and you can’t put a price on a relaxed mind. That’s for sure!

Reduce Energy Usage

Purchase a cost-friendly pool heating system

What if you want to use the pool longer, during cold days?. In that case, it may be time to purchase a heater that is energy efficient. The pool heaters are essential to maintaining a significant pool temperature.

Install cost-efficient lighting

Save costs by installing lighting that is energy efficient. Consider installing outdoor lights, which rarely require maintenance and are easy to set up too. You can use sunlight as a lighting source during long summer days too.

Purchase a pool cover

We hope you are not using the pool in the winter or during a storm! To eliminate cleaning and filtration costs, cover the pool with a pool cover. It will stop dusty winds and rotting leaves from floating in the pool. These pool covers won’t break the bank and will last a long time, too. You’ll experience over seventy percent saving in heat expenses.

Throw a pool party, but not amid a pandemic…

Installing an energy-efficient pool pump is not the only way to improve the pump quality. Accessorize wisely! Don’t spend too much on pool construction to enjoy your private pool.