Myths About Swimming Pool Maintenance

Let’s start with the truth – A beautiful pool is a beautifully maintained pool!

Why Pool Maintenance Is Important?

Pool maintenance is very important to keep your swimming pool functional and increase its life. Pool maintenance has many areas to cover like checking the water level, getting rid of foreign materials from the pool such as leaves and debris, checking the pH level of the water, putting the swimming pool accessories into their proper places, covering the pool when not in use, etc. All these activities are needed to keep a swimming pool clean and healthy.

But, not everyone is an expert when it comes to cleaning. To solve some confusions and misconceptions, we are presenting the most common myths when it comes to swimming pool maintenance:

1. Swimming Pool Maintenance Is Costly

Swimming pool maintenance does take effort and time, especially if you Do-It-Yourself (DIY). Let us break down the cost for you (if you practice DIY)

Cleaning leaves: Free
Cleaning debris: Free
Checking water level: Free
Checking pH of the pool water: Free (if you have the device). Else, the device starts from $15
Checking all the mountings of the pool motor: Free
Arranging all the pool accessories: Free

The main reason for mentioning the above points is to give you the idea that pool maintenance is not costly at all. But, doing no maintenance will cost you more for sure!

If you have a busy schedule, you can always hire swimming pool expert to do it for you.

2. Swimming Pool Maintenance Is Not Required At All

This ignorance may lead to spending more money on maintenance. You do not need to do all the maintenance work every time. There are weekly maintenance, monthly maintenance, quarterly maintenance, six-monthly maintenance, and annual maintenance. For a detailed blog on this, please check our dedicated blogs:

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3. Changing Pool Water Is Not Required

We have come across many swimming pool owners saying that they do not need to change the swimming pool water because they think it is perfectly fine as they haven’t used it, or it looks fine. We suggest you do the water level check and pH check. As the naked eye cannot judge the quality of pool water but the testing tools can.

4. Saltwater Pools Are Maintenance Free

A saltwater pool has almost 10 times less salt than ocean water, It is done purposefully to keep the swimming pool clean and clearer. Saltwater swimming pool produces fewer chloramines and has less side-effects such as itching near eyes and on skin.

But, with all the plus points of having a saltwater swimming pool, it does not mean that it is maintenance-free. You do need to check the water level, foreign materials, and chlorine level regularly.

5. You Don’t Need Swimming Pool Chlorine

We strongly recommend you use the swimming pool chlorine as these are specially manufactured for the pool only. You might think that household chlorine can be used but this may lead to some damage to the pool which you wouldn’t want.

6. Swimming Pool Motor Is Maintenance Free

Like swimming pool, pool motors also need regular maintenance to run fully functional. A free and smooth pool motor ensures you have clean and fresh water. We have a dedicated to blog on tips on how to do maintenance of swimming pool equipments:

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7. Draining The Pool Is Cleaning The Pool

It seems the easiest way to clean the pool but doing it every time will take much of your time in the process of filling the pool to the level and checking chlorine level. You can schedule this activity once in a month though.

8. Pools Are Only For The Summers

You might have the impression that a pool can be used in summer as it is the best time to enjoy the water. A bad weather may hamper the pool time but now you can use it in almost any weather by using Solar Pool Covers or Pool Heat Pumps.

Happy Pool Time!

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