4 Effective checklist for maintaining pool – A complete guide

How can a person function well if he does not maintain himself by watching what he takes in and how he performs? How can he function well if he is not taking medications when he feels part of his body is malfunctioning? The same applies to machines, and especially pool pump motors discussed in this […]

Measuring pool pump noise in decibels – the definitive guide

Ever wondered what it takes to know the level of noise that your pool pump produces? At least, one would like to know how extreme the problem at hand is, before you can decide on the best strategies to tackle the problem, right? Well, it’s no more news that pool pumps are sometimes unbearably loud […]

4 key tips to figure out what causes your pool pump motor to be noisy

We know how much of a nuisance a loud swimming pool pump could be to both you and your neighbours alike. Some pool pumps usually make a lot of noise, while other pumps are quieter because they have been innovated by manufactures who are trying to create a serene environment for you to enjoy your […]

5 best practices you should try to reduce loud pool pump noise

During the normal operation of a swimming pool, there’s bound to be some sort of noise by pool pump. This noise isn’t excessively annoying, but when it becomes louder, it means there’s a problem with the pump that should be checked out. If it is not addressed in time, the issues will get worse and […]