Swimming Pools Trends In 2020 / 2021

Swimming Pools Trends In 2020 / 2021

As we welcome the new year into our lives, we welcome new trends and a  new outlook. Pools nowadays are not just reserved for swimming purposes but also as a great place to hang out with family and friends. Whether you are looking to install a brand new trendy swimming pool or customizing your pool, you have come to the right place.

Over the years swimming pools have gone through many innovations and pool trends. There are many trendy and modern residential pool styles available in the market that can transform your pool area into a modern-looking elegant space.

Let us look into some of the new elegant looking trends of swimming pools.

Pool Lounge

A pool lounge is described as a lounging area that is generally installed as a sunken deck within the pool. The pool lounge not only looks comfortable but also convenient, allowing you to stretch out on the comfortable pool lounge and get a perfect tan. This new trendy addition to your swimming pool will help you relax after a long day at work or during the weekend.

Fire Features

Fire features have become an extremely popular trend. Having a combination of fire and water is something that is visually astounding and high end. It gives the swimming pool a stunning visual appearance. They grab great visual attention at the pool.

The fire features give a great visual effect throughout the day and as well as throughout the night. The combination of the two elements, the water, and the fire is something which you don’t see everywhere while it gives a luxurious addition to the swimming pool.

There are a variety of fire features that are available in the market. Which could be incorporated into any kind of design, and many are budget-friendly.

Fire features come in various varieties such as the:

  • Captivating Firebowels: Which could be placed anywhere around the swimming pool, giving a more exotic and tribal look.
  • Fire Pits: Which generally provide 360 degrees of warmth as well as ambiance.

Fire pits requires less stonework to install it and and they come at a low cost. They give a more casual,warm,and comfortable experience.  Thedesign and shape of a fire pit is completely customizable. Including the type of material that is used to build and install it anywhere around your swing pool.

  • Firewall is a feature that you can place near a lounge area to deliver heat, providing a stunning design.
  • Fire Table which is quite like the fire pits gives an amazing design to draw the attention of people. The fire table’s convenience and functional feature allow guests to place drinks and food while staying at a safe distance away from the flames.

Seamless Pool Edges

Seamless pool edges will transform a traditionally installed pool into an aesthetically pleasing design that basically gives a beautiful look to the pool.

Innovative Water Features

There are many features available in the water segment. To bring more ambiance and more functional aspects to the swimming pool, water features work brilliantly.

The water feature gives you the best enjoyment of the natural flowing sound of water like you would find in any other natural waterfalls while giving a soothing sound effect. The water feature also functions by filtering debris and any of the algae out of your pool.

Hot Tubs Integrated Into the Pool

Hot tubs are always in trend however the newest fashion that has come is that the tub is now designed to be installed within the pool area.  It gives the user a seamless transition from the pool into a hot tub.

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Smart Pool Lightening

There are so many new innovations in technology where you can customize and personalize the lighting effects of your choice. To fit in with the mood and occasions of that time. The lightings are built with automation-ready and color-changing lights that could give you the option to choose the dynamic of the colors you want to display. Smart pool lightings are great for any occasion or any party.

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