Remodel Your Pool by Changing Pool Equipment

Remodel Your Pool by Changing Pool Equipment

Take a man to a beach and you will help him party for a day; give man a swimming pool and you will help him party for a lifetime.

Yes, if you have a swimming pool you can part every day during the summers. Invite friends, and family to enjoy the summer spirit at your swimming pool. But before we invite people you must check and repair any swimming pool issues you may find.

Why do you need to check your pool?

The most basic reason for checking your pool is to understand  the wear and tear that happens with swimming pools due to age.   Also, we have a habit of delaying the small maintenances until they amount to a big revamp.

Let us first define what revamping or remodelling is. It does not just include aesthetics but also the overhauling of your pumps and filter that are used by your pool.

Every pool gives you signals that it needs remodelling, so what are the signs? 

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It has lost its gleams

Your pool has lost its shine and looks old and used up. The machinery of your pool has lived its life and needs to be replaced. Ideally, pumps and filters have a life of 10 to 15 years and maybe the machinery is functioning subpar and requires replacement.

Noisy, and gnarly backyard

When we set up a pool in the backyard we aim to make ourselves a sanctuary of peace. Imagine this sanctuary with a droning headache due to faulty pumping.

Broken water pool

If the pump and filter of your pool aren’t doing their functioning properly then you have to revamp your pool machinery.
Start Stop Motor

If you face the persistent problem of motors turning off that means that your machinery is overworked and not functioning properly.

Barely alive pumps 

Any machine after a period of usage will lose its efficiency and if your pump is not able to pump the water like it used to. While changing things in your pool, always keep in mind the following points to help you make a quick decision. 

 Some of the common things that will require repair or remodelling are:

  • The capacity of your pool
  • Usage frequency of your pool
  • Number of pools that you have to revamp
  • Local weather of where your pool is situated 

What are the common things that are covered in remodelling?

The common things that a basic pool remodelling deals with are:

LED Lighting 

Lighting is another improvement you can make to your pool. It enhances the aesthetics and improves the ambience of your poolside. Not everyone likes to take a dip when the sun is out. LED lighting increases the functionality of your pool when the night is in its full charm. LED lighting is an important aspect to address while revamping your pool. This comparatively small investment allows you to add more value to your pool and host parties that continue well after the sunset. 


Your swimming pool is the nucleus of your backyard. Decking is the bridge that brings home and pool together. Swimming pool decking will unite the pool and the remaining landscape of your backyard, giving your backyard its identity. Before deciding on decking you should consider the chairs, tables, lounges, shade havens, umbrellas that you may use.

Ideally, decking should complement all the activities you plan to carry out with your family and friend. There are many types of pool decking surfaces available in the market. Take a consensus along with the family as to what kind of pool decking would suit your style, budget, and overall look and appeal of your backyard.

A few things for you to consider while selecting your pool decking include slip-factor, heat sensitivity,  price, maintenance, and look.  We recommend you work with a design expert that can help you get the swimming pool you want.

Deciding on a pool filter

While making revamping plans deciding on a filter is extremely important. Cartridge filters are one of the most preferred choices for swimming pool filtering. So, how do they work? A cartridge filter has pleated artifacts they maximize the cleaning process by gathering debris ranging from 10 to 15 microns (simply speaking a large surface area would allow more particles which you can filter out.) 

Your filter will be more efficient when the cartridge filter is placed in the middle so it surrounds more and more artifacts. Cartridge filters are easy to clean. They can be easily cleaned by using a garden hose to rinse the filter chamber and cartridge. We must clean the pool’s filter every six months. Depending on the water chemistry you can clean the filters sooner too. 

Change Spa Area

Spas come in various sizes, so decide on the size of the spa you want. How to decide? It is very easy to consider how many people will be using the spa and the frequency with which you will use the spa.

A pro tip that we would share with you is to consider the shape of your pool as the spa should complement your pool. Even though the pool and spa may seem different they are very much a single entity.

These are a few steps that will help you to decide and guide you through the remodelling of your help.

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