Saving Tips for Swimming Pools You Need To Know

Swimming Pools

It’s summer, and you want to relax in the pool, but you can’t bear the cleaning expenses. Although a swimming pool is a great Addition to your home, it requires maintenance yearly without being too overbearing on your bank account.

Use a pool cover when your pool is not in use.

The pool cover seals any unsupervised access to the pool. It prevents toddlers, pets, and young children from slipping into the pool. Of course, there is no replacement for proper supervision, but a pool cover is the next best alternative.

The pool cover will also prevent debris and dirt from entering the pool. You do not need to hire pool cleaning services after a storm or when you haven’t used the pool in a long time. The pool stays protected throughout the year with no unnecessary expenditure.

You actually save costs when you decide to cover the pool. Pool covers reduces evaporation and saves on the operating costs. It retains heat and keeps the pool equipment clean. Without a pool cover, the filter is very likely to encounter rotten leaves and dirt remains.

Purchase a smaller, more energy-efficient pump

Purchasing a new and more energy-efficient pump isn’t always the solution. We propose maintaining the pump to save yourself the cost and recover the initial investment.

Consider installing an additional pumping device to share the burden when the pool conditions have gone out of control.

Regularly maintain and inspect the current pump. Fix it if it is malfunctioning. Don’t wait until it goes completely out of use. That’s similar to purchasing a new pump…

Upgrade to a variable speed pool pump

A smaller and more efficient water pump will result in excessive energy savings. Some of the most reliable pool pumps can reduce poll-related expenses by up to eighty percent. Furthermore, you can leave the pool pump running for long hours without worrying about draining the bank account.

The variable pool pumps are also very pollution-friendly. They run at low speeds and don’t make any noise either. You can enjoy pool time late at night or early in the morning for an energized morning swim without waking up the family members or roommates.

Upgrade to a variable speed pool pump

Are you searching for pool equipment that filters and cleans the water? We suggest installing a smaller pool pump that rotates at 3450 RMP. When you dial down the flow rate, it will heat the pool exactly as you want it to. You can also alter the speed as required too.

A pool pump that saves money is ideal if you are living in a humid and warm region. An energy-friendly pool pump is an excellent addition if you build a new pool or reconstruct a new one. Therefore, when deciding to purchase a pool pump, understand its impact on long-term vs. short-term costs.

Assuming you decide not to change the pool pump, it will continue running at the cost of 25 to 55 cents per electricity unit. However, you may experience frequent backup involving debris and dirt if you do not wish to install a more efficient pump. Since you are a pool owner, it is your decision.

Run your pool pump less (and at night)

Chlorine deficiency in pool water can have severe consequences for the human body, mainly the skin. Therefore, it would be wise to run the pool pump when the sun is at its peak. You may be wasting electricity and energy if you are leaving the pool pump on at night.

On average, you must run the pool pump for eight hours. You may want to pump it for longer if you are responsible for maintaining a commercial pool. We strongly suggest running the pool pump during the day so the shock is distributed evenly.

Heat your pool appropriately.

Time to involve science and math in pool heating! The unit used to calculate heat requirement is COP. It stands for coefficient of Performance. It is an estimate of each electricity unit translating into heat. The COP of an average household is 0.8. It means out of 10 units of electricity, 8 are utilized by the pool.

To eliminate such high consumption of energy, the correct route to take is installing efficient heat pumps. These come in different variations with 10,000-liter intervals. These heating devices will warm up the pool fast or slow as required.

The best part…you do not need to leave the heating pump turned on! It only takes a little while to reach the desired temperature, which means less energy consumed. Furthermore, the pool will maintain the temperate based on the COP.

Maintain your pool’s filter and cleaning system

The pool filter helps filter the water very quickly when it is new. The challenge begins depending on the water pressure because debris will indeed clog it when the filter continues performing its job. The clogging can cause excessive depreciation of pool equipment and make the water murky too.

Be sure to deal with the pool cartridge, filter basked, and the pipes that lead up to. Instead of incurring high costs later, invest in proper laydown, so bugs and leaves do not get stuck in the filter.

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