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17 Jul
4 key tips to figure out what causes your pool pump motor to be noisy

Posted at 10:16h in How-To by Laurent Teisseyre.


We know how much of a nuisance a loud swimming pool pump could be to both you and your neighbours alike. Some pool pumps usually make a lot of noise, while other pumps are quieter because they have been innovated…

30 Jun
6 Reasons Why Pool Pump Making Loud Humming Noise

Posted at 6:53h in Noise Reduction by Laurent Teisseyre.


One of the best ways to discover potential damage to your pool pump is by noticing excessive vibrations. These vibrations could be a result of embryonic faults, component failures or poor running conditions. This is why it is important to…

22 Jun
What are the different types of swimming pool pump noise?

Posted at 12:33h in Noise Reduction by Laurent Teisseyre.


Certain pool pumps based on their make, produce a loud noise. While other swimming pool pumps that are manufactured by companies (mostly R&D based) are created or designed to be quieter. The main source of pool noises is the pool…

08 Jun
5 best practices you should try to reduce loud pool pump noise

Posted at 6:57h in How-To, Noise Reduction, Noisy Pool Pump by Laurent Teisseyre.


During the normal operation of a swimming pool, there’s bound to be some sort of noise by pool pump. This noise isn’t excessively annoying, but when it becomes louder, it means there’s a problem with the pump that should be…

26 May
City Ordinance For Noisy Swimming Pool Pumps

Posted at 7:50h in Noisy Pool Pump by Laurent Teisseyre.


San Jose California City Noise Ordinance (and surrounding cities) to be aware of for your existing or new pool planning If you plan on having a pool installed, or if you currently have a pool at your home in San…

19 May
Understanding swimming pool pump noise – The definitive guide (2018)

Posted at 6:19h in Noise, Noisy Pool Pump by Laurent Teisseyre.


Sound is what is produced when the eardrums vibrate due to pressure differences in the air. The vibration is transmitted from the eardrum through tiny bones in the middle ear and then through an intricate system in the temporal bone.…

08 May
Troubleshoot Your Noisy Pool Pump in 3 Easy DIY Ways

Posted at 10:12h in Noisy Pool Pump by Laurent Teisseyre.


Some pool pumps are naturally noisy while others, which are manufactured by companies that highly concentrate in engineering and R&D produce quieter pumps. Such top pump manufacturing companies include the Pentair Intelli-Flo and Hayward EcoStar. Note that the installation of…

01 May
3 diy steps to determine pool pump cycle duration in hours

Posted at 11:37h in Save Money by Laurent Teisseyre.


To keep the pool free of debris and sanitized, the pool pump motor must circulate the water from the pool all the way back to the filter and back to the pool.  This whole process is considered the pool pump…