Improve The Appearance Of Your Pool With These Simple Pool Landscaping Ideas

A swimming pool gives your home great character and also makes it one of the most loved and popular spots for you and your family and friends to hang out at. Sometimes, all you need is a thorough clean-up session to update your pool and give it a quick makeover, other times some renovations might be required to give add a sense of freshness to the pool. Many people might associate landscaping with spending a lot of money, but boy are they wrong! A lot can be done with some basic DIY tips, and you wouldn’t even have to spend a bomb!

In this article, we have mentioned 8 easy tips and tricks to give your swimming pool a new lease on life.

1. Add a simple string lighting around the swimming pool

String lights, also often referred to as fairy lights, are extremely versatile and can be used anywhere! We love when these lights are used in the pool area as these dim and dainty lights give the pool an extremely ambient feel and cast some beautiful reflections in the water. These lights can also be moved around and arranged easily. These string lights come in many different colors and designs, you can hang them off of anyplace. Speaking of energy efficiency, these lights do not take up too much power, which is a great added bonus.

2. Introduce some greenery in the pool area

If you have a rectangular pool, then we suggest that you add little pockets of plants in the corner to add softness to the aesthetic of the swimming pool. Small plants that don’t interfere while people are swimming are ideal. You can also go for flowering plants so that your pool gets a pop of natural color. There is nothing more beautiful than swimming in a pool surrounded by greenery and flowers on a sunny day!

3. Add a fireplace so that it adds more natural lighting

Fire and water are opposite elements in nature, but together, they are capable of creating quite a mesmerizing experience. A fireplace by the pool can be the go-to hangout place for you and your family. Most times the pool gets quite neglected in the winter months, but the fireplace or fire-pit lets you have a fun time by the water even in these cold days. It also saves electricity and lets you not invest as much in mechanical modes of lighting. Throw some comfortable lounge chairs around the fire and you can spend countless days huddled by the fire with your loved ones, staring at the starry night sky.

4. A rock garden really helps add some character to your swimming pool

If plants seem like too much work for you but you still want to fill in some space around your pool, then a rock garden is the perfect solution to your problems. Just as you would fill in a bed with soil to grow plants, with a rock garden, you just need to fill in the bed with river rocks. You can have one bed along a single side of the pool, or have a rock garden deck, the options are endless! A rock garden is low-maintenance, but also adds the required accents and gives your swimming pool an incredible uplift. 

5. Make a wall of plants or hedges for added privacy

This is one tip nature lovers absolutely love! A fence or a barricade that separates your pool backyard from your neighbors can be quite jarring and can also ruin the aesthetics a bit. This is why a wall of plants or trees is a great alternative, and it also gives you the privacy you need. Rather than using a wooden picket fence, these plants and hedges do the job while adding the pop of green that is also known to boosts everyone’s moods. People loke to couple this tip with the rock garden, so that there is a good balance between the rocks and the greenery.

6. You can get some sculptures to decorate the pool area with

Just like how you add sculptures and curios to any other part of your home, adding some pieces of art in your swimming pool area can totally jazz up the space. Some little sculptures here and there make the landscaping and decor look intentional, and adds an element of fun. You can place these sculptures in your rock garden, or invest in some stable high tables on which these sculptures can be placed. You’ll be surprised what a few strategically placed art pieces can do to your swimming pool area!

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7. Add some new furniture so that more people can hang out by the pool

Wooden furniture in your backyard along your pool is a great idea if you want to give your pool a facelift. Furniture can really add a whole new dimension to your swimming pool. Not only does it look great, but you can also invest in furniture that is functional and can be multi-purpose as well. Wooden furniture has a lighter appearance than metal furniture and can also be moved around easily. With the right type of furniture, you can accommodate people in your pool area easily without stressing out about how everyone is going to fit.

8. Underwater LED lighting can do wonders!

Yes, you heard that right! You can now use LED lights underwater. This makes swimming in the dark a whole new experience. The pool lights up, leaving a mesmerizing glow at night. The best part about these LED lights is that they come in a variety of different colors to choose from, and they don’t suck up too much electricity. It is a simple and affordable way to spice up the look of your swimming pool.

These 8 tips will allow you to explore your creative side and also give your swimming pool a quick makeover without too much of a time or money investment. If these tips are still too much for you, then a simple clean-up and decluttering regime can also work wonders!

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