Top 7 Backyard Pool Accessories And Toys For Adding Some Fun In Your Life

Swimming pool fun

Having a backyard swimming pool in your home is an amazing luxury every family must get the chance to experience at some point in their life. A swimming pool is a great asset to any household can have. Not only is it a fun way to spend your summer with friends and family, but it is also great for personal health. Swimming is one of the most holistic workouts your body can get. But with that being said, you should not disregard the fact that getting a swimming pool is a huge commitment as well. Regular pool maintenance is a non-negotiable factor, especially if you want to make sure that your pool health is at an optimum level and the pool stays with you for a long time to come.

To spruce up your pool and take the fun factor a notch higher, backyard pool accessories are an awesome option. This way your swimming pool becomes something more than just an addition to your home but also makes your home the hub for entertainment and fun. Here is a list of some of our favorite swimming pool accessories which guarantee you to add a whole lot of fun to your pool – 

Nepta Blossoming Water Fountain – 

This decorative pool fountain is just what you need to add dimension to your pool and take it to the next level. This water fountain is the floating kind, which makes it easy to use and install. You can also adjust the height of the water according to your needs. The water can reach heights of 3 feet and up to 10 feet. This fountain comes with an adapter which is suitable for most inlet types. If you love the sound of water trickling, then this is the ideal pool accessory for you.

Pool Floats

Pool floats come in various designs, shapes, and sizes. From the classic giant rubber ducky, a funky slice of pizza, to a full-blown inflatable recliner, the choices are endless and you can choose from a variety of different quirky pool floats, depending on your pool style and mood. These floats are ideal for lazing around on a sunny afternoon when you feel like doing absolutely nothing,

Intex Pool Volleyball Game

If you feel like switching it up and moving away from the relaxed vibe and adding some action, then a pool volleyball game is just the way to do it. Call your friends over and indulge in some friendly sportsman spirit. This pool volleyball kit comes with an inflatable ball, a volleyball net, and poles which keep the net in place. This kit is suitable for all ages and is quite sturdy. This is the ideal way to spend your summer days!

COWIN Swimmer IPX7 Floating Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

Every party is incomplete without music. This waterproof Bluetooth speaker stays protected from water and dust and is ideal for the swimming pool. Tak your pool parties to the next level by bringing out these speakers and get the crowd grooving. This speaker is designed in a way that it floats on the pool while playing music and can be used by the people in the pool without damaging the speaker. With 5 different LED Light settings and a 10-watt subwoofer, this speaker is all set to become the life of every pool party.

The Floating Spa Bar

This is an absolute must-have if chilling in the pool and relaxing with your friends and family is something you enjoy thoroughly. The Floating Spa Bar is essentially a floating serving tray that can hold food and drinks while you lounge around in the pool. With about 8 cavities to securely hold your food, the Floating Spa Bar has a diameter of 28 inches and is incredibly stable. It is so stable that you can even place candles on it for a romantic night by the pool with your loved one.

HydroTools by Swimline Poolside Towel Rack  

The poolside towel rack is less of an accessory and more of a poolside essential. Made out of high-grade PVC, this poolside towel rack is easy to assemble and has enough space for an entire family to hang their towels and clothes so that they can enjoy their day by the pool. This rack is 53 inches high and has four different rails that can be used to hang all your swimming equipment. 

GoPong Pool Lounge Floating Beer Pong Table Inflatable with Social Floating  

Beer Pong is a universally loved and highly enjoyable game. You can only imagine how much better this experience will be in your own swimming pool! This pool lounge beer pong table is inflatable and has cavities where you can keep your glasses of beer so that there is no spillage in your pool. Once you are done playing this game, you can easily deflate it and store it without any hassle.

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