The 7 Swimming Pool Design Ideas of Your Dreams!

The 7 Swimming Pool Design Ideas of Your Dreams!

Swimming is one of the most relaxing activities and one of the best physical activities one can indulge in. Nothing beats spending a hot sunny afternoon in your own private swimming pool with your close friends and families. Having a private pool of your own helps you cultivate happy memories while also promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. Also, if you are very particular about health and hygiene, then a private pool is the best solution. Unlike a public or community swimming pool, you can control the cleanliness and hygiene of your own pool.
Now that we have convinced you why it is such a great idea to have your own private pool, let’s discuss all the different possibilities to have a unique and beautiful pool as a part of your home. There are many different swimming pools designs out there, but these are the top seven designs that we love the most, and we are sure that you will too!

1. A spacious pool with a fire pit

This swimming pool design is one that can be implemented in a pool that has an enormous size. The idea of this design is to have a large swimming pool at the center of which there is a fire pit. This fire pit usually has low seating around it. The fire pit is lower than the pool, and the walls of the pit are higher so that you don’t get water entering the pool every now and then. Swimming pools with fire pits are ideal for those chilly days when you want to swim, but you can also warm yourself up with the heat of the fire. The fire pit is also a cozy and romantic spot for you and your loved one to spend some alone time or enjoy a lovely meal together. If the pit is large enough to fit many people, then it can also be a popular spot for parties and conversations with your friends and family members. This pool design is unique and can be tweaked around easily to best suit you and your family.

2. Massive natural rocks by the pool

Often seen in fancy resorts and beach hotels, this swimming pool design is exotic and indulgent at the same time. But while these designs may seem too fancy and surreal, it is quite possible to create them at your private home pool. This design is most loved by people who love nature and the outdoors. They are not too fond of the rigid concrete pool designs that are so common but crave for an adventurous and rustic feel. This swimming pool layout and design work best if you have a large swimming pool and a patio attached to it. The shape of these styles of swimming pools is fluid and does not have to be restricted to geometric shapes. These pools recognize the beauty in imperfection and their biggest muse for design ideas is nature itself. To enhance the feel of the pool and the entire mood, you can use appropriate lighting, tiling, furniture and add some greenery as well. This can be your own natural retreat, right in the comfort of your home.

3.Modern and elegant in-ground pool

It is a very common misconception that only large homes with large pools can afford to have an interesting swimming pool design. To debunk this thought, we bring to you the in-ground pool. The classic design for an in-ground pool was made for swimming pools which are tiny or were made keeping in mind the lack of real estate in the patio or backyard. The in-ground pool very cleverly utilizes space and makes the swimming pool area look larger than it actually is. This sleek and sophisticated pool can b elevated and taken to the next level with just the simple addition of greenery and some nice lighting. We love this pool design because it makes the best use of the space and gives all the members of the family a space to unwind and relax.

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4.Recreational pool

A recreational pool is just what it sounds like – a nice swimming pool that gives you the time and space to unwind and have a good time. Most recreational pools are simple and functional, but you can add few fun little features which elevate your pool and take it to the next level. Recreational pools are great for playing games in or enjoying a couple of chilled drinks while soaking in the sun. There are no strict rules in designing a recreational pool, but some of the most common features you can add to them are a waterfall, a water slide or a cave. Lighting also makes a huge impact on the overall feel of the pool.

5.Infinity pool with an ocean view/ a beach view

People love the beach or the ocean. Real estate near these areas are the most popular and sought after. If you have a home overlooking these areas, then you are extremely lucky! What you must most definitely do is consider getting an infinity pool. An infinity pool overlooking the ocean, or the beach is truly a magical view. You can easily spend hours on end chilling in this pool and enjoying the view.

6. Plunge pool

A plunge pool is a pool that is designed solely for the purpose of relaxing and lounging. It is shallow and small and can accommodate only a limited number of people. These pools are not useful for working out or exercising purposes, but they sure do help alleviate stress and maintain healthy wellbeing. Plunge pools are becoming increasingly popular because they take very little space and are also very easy to maintain and clean. Because of their small size, they also utilize less water.

7. Plantation swimming pool

A plantation swimming pool is a technical and visual masterpiece! The most important aspect of the plantation swimming pool is the backdrop of greenery. It is essentially a long lap pool with a protruding part at the point where people are to enter the pool. This unique design against a thick green backdrop gives your home a lot of character and sophistication. This is a versatile swimming pool that can be used for many functions. From lounging to hardcore exercise, you can do it all!


1. What pool design should I go for?

Before you decide on a type of pool design, you need to think about many different aspects like the space available, the amount of time you can spare for maintenance and the budget. Based on these three aspects you can choose a pool design that best fits your needs.

2. How to customize the bottom of my pool?

You can use tiles to customize the bottom of your pool. Use different colors, designs or an abstract mosaic, the choices are endless!

3. Is a pool cover necessary?

It is best that you get a pool cover so that you can maintain the pool well and ensure that nothing you don’t want in the pool falls in.

4. What type of swimming pool is ideal for pool parties?

A large swimming pool where you have a lot of space on the patio is ideal for pool parties. If it is a party with not too many people, then we can also suggest the swimming pool with a fire pit.

5. How to add shade to my pool?

You can use pergolas, umbrellas or even natural shade from trees and greenery around. The best way to ensure that your pool has enough shade is by planning the position of the pool in a way that it gets maximum shade.