All You Need To Know About Swimming Pool Equipment Maintenance

Swimming Pool

1. What are the different types of swimming pool equipment?

To make sure that your swimming pool is in excellent working condition, and all the water and chemical levels are perfect, you need to pay extra attention to the swimming pool equipment. The following equipment ensures that your pool runs well as a unit. Swimming pool cleaner

  • Swimming pool pump
  • Filter
  • Swimming pool heater
  • Swimming pool cover
  • Skimmer basket

2. What are the problems associated with the pool pump and filters?

The swimming pool filter is a must-have in any swimming pool as it cleans the water by making sure that it is circulating well. The pump is like the headquarters of the swimming pool. It makes sure clean water is constantly being pumped throughout the swimming pool. The most common issues with swimming pool pumps and filters are – 

  • Leaking water 
  • Gunk being washed back in into the pool
  • The multiport handle being broken
  • Leakage in the filter tank
  • Blockage in the pool pump
  • Leakage in the pump
  • The pump becomes too noisy
  • Air being sucked into the pool pump

3. Functions of the swimming pool pump

You can think of the swimming pool pump like the circulatory system of the pool. The main function of the pump is to pull the water in the pool through another part of the pump we refer to as the skimmer, and through the main drain. The pump is also responsible for making sure that the water passes through the filter. Without a pool pump, it would be impossible to filter all the water of the pool. The pump is a very important part of the entire swimming pool system.

The swimming pool pump comprises three major parts – the motor, impeller, and the hair and lint trap. The electric-run part of the pump is the motor, and it rotates a 3,450 rpm. The motor cools down with the air, so a lot of care needs to be taken that not a lot of water is entering the motor through the cooling vents. At the end of the motor shaft is the impeller. As the impeller keeps turning, it pulls water into the hair and lint basket, in turn, filtering is as well. The impeller of the pump consists of many small holes, so you need to ensure that these small holes do not get clogged. In case of clogging, you will have to dismantle the motor at the impeller and clean it out.

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4. How to take care of the pool pump?

It is not very difficult to make sure that your swimming pool pump is in perfect working condition. All you need to do is be a little more aware and conscious about the functioning of your pump, and you can easily increase the life of your pump, and it will result is great overall swimming pool health. It is a good idea to run the pump for about 12 hours in a single day in the summer months. In the winter months, it is enough to run the pump for about 4 to 5 hours. Regular cleaning of the lint and hair basket is a good idea as well. When you make sure that your pump is clean and unclogged, you are ensuring that no air enters the motor, and maintains the efficiency of the pump.

5. How to clean and maintain the pool filter?

If you don’t clean or take care of your pool filter, then the water of the pool can get mucky and cloudy. This is not ideal for swimming and can also cause health problems as well. If you want to maintain the pool health, then cleaning your pool filter every other week is a good idea. There are a few different types of pool filters, some of them being cartridge filters, diatomaceous earth filters, and sand filters.

6. How to maintain the pool cover?

The pool cover helps keep things that you don’t want in the pool out of it. It is important to take good care of this cover to increase the lifespan of it. You can maintain the pool cover in the following ways – 

  • Keep the pool cover dry
  • Keep it as clean as possible
  • Open the pool cover right after you have added chemicals in the pool
  • Clean the tracks of the pool cover often
  • Open the pool cover at least once a week to avoid jamming.

7. What is the use of a skimmer basket?

A skimmer basket is an integral part of your swimming pool and is essential pool equipment. A skimmer basket allows an overflow of surface water right into a suction pipe which goes into the filter. Skimmer baskets have kids which keep when covered and they constantly collect dirt and stuff that you don’t need in your pool. It prevents large pieces of debris from entering and blocking pipes which can cause the entire swimming pool system to malfunction.

8. How to clean the skimmer basket?

To make sure that your pool is in perfect working condition, cleaning your skimmer basket regularly is an absolute must. If you do not partake in the regular cleaning of the skimmer basket, it can cause a massive blockage and malfunctioning of the entire system. Steps to clean the skimmer power – 

  • Turn off the pool pump and wait for it to cool down
  • Remove the lid of the skimmer
  • Take the basket out and empty it
  • Install it back and cover it up
  • Turn the pump back on


While owning a swimming pool is quite fun, it is also a huge responsibility. Maintaining pool equipment is a must so that your pool and pool equipment has a great lifespan. It is important to run regular checks so that the health of your swimming pool can be maintained.


1. How often should you clean your pool filter?

This is completely subjective and depends on the size of your pool. But for the best results, we would suggest that you clean your pool filter every other week.

2. What should I use to clean the pool filter?

To clean your pool filter, it is best to use a mild and gentle detergent.

3.For how long should I backwash a sand filter?

As a general rule, we like to stick to an average of 2 to 4 minutes for backwashing a sand filter.