Having Fun in the Swimming Pool with Your Family During Social Distancing

We have been listening COVID news and its stats that have indirectly build fear in people. Social distancing has become a new rule in our daily lives and we expect applying . Social distancing in every celebration, parties, festival, etc., Still, the fear of COVID-19 is not stopping the people who are following safety measures to keep the deadly virus away.

People affected by the lockdown for months are now starting to get back to a new normal. Nations are working hard to find the cure for this COVID-19. Hopefully, we will find one in the coming days.

Businesses impacted by this pandemic have started to reopen providing safety measures to their employees. The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warns people to follow proper guidelines to ensure safety to their employees and customers. 

As we look to re-open businesses, we expect a new kind of service offerings. We now look into the swimming pool organizers and their approach to encourage people to use swimming pools while following proper social distancing.

Weekends have always been a time to enjoy with family. Are they going to be the same even after this global disaster? 

Initially, there were myths that the virus cannot survive in high-temperature conditions and will impact its spread in those regions. Following this myth, there came conclusions that there can be chances of spreading this virus in low-temperature conditions. Later people of some areas started believing there can be chances of COVID spread through the water as well. Finally, CDC’s statement has stated that there is no evidence that the COVID-19 can spread through water and suggested people can start spending time in their swimming pools. 

But we still need to take some more precautions before and after using the swimming pool. Based on government guidelines, pool organizers have started working on sterilizing their pools with user-friendly chemicals to ensure a safe environment for the people who love swimming.

It gives the whole family new fun activities to try

Families who are now planning to spend their time at aquatic parks need to be a little cautious to enjoy their vacation to the fullest. Considering social distancing as the vital aspect, pool organizers can start building new activities that involve swimmers to participate without getting close to others. Pool crew should take care of the resources around and ensure no gatherings are happening around the pool premises.

Families visiting the pool can come up with new ideas with no social contact while playing will encourage people who are worried to spend time at pools after this COVID-19. Stress levels have gone high due to this pandemic and swimming can be a great relief to this stress. Fresh air around these swimming pools will be a bonus for people.

Play pool games

Swimming is a great exercise too and playing pool games can make you spend more time in the pool which will help your body gain Vitamin D. Physically fit and proper mental health can boost your immune system to fight unwanted threats to your body. Existing pool games like beach ball race, sharks and minnows, floating race, air-ball, coins on the bottoms, etc. can be reframed to make sure there is no social contact involved. 

Cleaning swimming pool together can be fun

People who own a pool in their backyard can spend some time cleaning their pool and understand the importance of cleaning and sterilizing their pool for safety and hygiene swimming sessions. Pool cleaning equipment usage can also be fun for the people. Vacuum heads, leaf traps, Vac plates, pool brushed, pumice stones, skimmer weirs, return eyeballs, etc., are some of the swimming pool cleaning accessories. Supermarkets have got these accessories available along with chemicals used to help the common man disinfect their pools. 

The best way to exercise while having fun (swimming)

After the lockdown, people are still finding it challenging to spend time outdoors in fear of a safe and secure environment in public places. Shopping malls, gyms, theatres, and public gathering spots are yet to announce that they are following guidelines to maintain hygiene conditions and open to the public, as they are busy in finding alternate options to safeguard their premises. How do people keep themselves and have some fun and healthy during this time? There are many places available to hangout, of which swimming pools can be the best option for the people who would like to keep themselves fit and fun-loving.

We need to understand the fact that we have to live with COVID-19 fighting as a fighter. Building a robust immune system is considered to be the best option one can start working-on. Swimming pool sessions can help you in making a strong human who is physically fit and mentally healthy. Ensure social distancing in every part of your life. Hopefully, one day we all will be warriors (responsible citizens of the society) who have contributed their part in defending COVID-19. Stay healthy. Stay fit.

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