City Ordinance For Noisy Swimming Pool Pumps

City Ordinance for Noisy Pool Pump

San Jose California City Noise Ordinance (and surrounding cities) to be aware of for your existing or new pool planning

If you plan on having a pool installed, or if you currently have a pool at your home in San Jose, California, then you will want to pay attention to this blog. Due to a local City noise ordinance, you may and most likely will be required to take extra measures to ensure that your pool equipment is not too loud otherwise your permit will not be approved.

In addition to San Jose city noise ordinances, neighbor disputes have arisen due to noisy pool pumps. Personal satisfaction and enjoyment of your backyard investment is also hindered with a noisy pool pump.

So, what are the maximum tolerated noise levels on a city ordinance level or a personal/neighbor satisfaction level? What can be done if your pump exceeds these levels? Well, we have done the research for you and provide the following information to keep yourself out of trouble with the city or your neighbor dispute.

Exterior Noise Level Standard (dBA)
Farm tractor8240
Farm Equipment6540
Fixed Noise Source ie. Swimming pool pump…5040
Machines, tools or appliances5040
Motor vehicle repairing, rebuilding, modernizing and testing.8240
Powered model vehicle6040
Sound-producing or amplifying device5040

For the purposes of enforcing the provisions of this table, “daytime” shall be the period from 8:00 a.m. on weekdays, and 9:00 a.m. on weekends and Town Holidays to 7:00 p.m. and “nighttime” shall be the period from 7:00 p.m. to the beginning of “daytime”, Pacific Standard Time or Daylight Saving Time. “Nighttime” shall begin at 10:00 p.m. for Persons and Sound-producing or amplifying devices.

Disturbing the Peace:

San Jose and the surrounding areas describe disturbing the peace rather broadly.  It was developed to prevent the obvious…disturbing the peace.  It is typically defined as an unreasonably loud and disturbing noise or action that disrupts the peace of the neighborhood and its occupants. Basically, anything loud or disturbing can be reported and upheld in the court system. This could mean a noisy pool pump that is chronically disturbing the peace of your neighbor. Most city ordinances cover these types of complaints with or without a specific mention of pool pump noises.

Designation of Disturbing Noises

There are a wide variety of noises that are listed as reportable disturbing noises by the San Jose city ordinance, and quite frankly any city ordinance containing laws of disturbing the peace. These are usually complaints that are very subjective but real and can be acted upon by those filing a complaint. Usually, the city requires the offender to rectify the situation at his or her own expense.

Disturbing noises are partially defined in the San Jose ordinance as “disturbing or unreasonably loud shouting or crying of peddlers, hawkers, vendors or newspaper carriers”.  While this specific ordinance description does not mention pool pumps, it is an ordinance such as this that incriminates a chronically loud pump. Unhappy neighbors can and have used this ordinance to bring the pool owner to court in an attempt to rectify noise pollution from a loud pool pump.

While many pool manufacturers claim that their pumps use so-called “quiet technology” in an effort to reduce noise, the truth is that most consumers and their neighbors do not agree. The “whisper” of a pump can seem like a loud roar in the backdrop of a peaceful evening or summer afternoon. The laws simply do not protect pool owners from the subjective complaints of a neighbor who feels their rights are being infringed by a loud pump.

If you have a pool pump that is exceptionally loud or perceived to be loud, you may be required to dampen the noise or remove the offending noise completely. In an effort to alleviate the intolerable noise of a pool pump, the engineer of Serene + pool pump cover has come up with the perfect affordable solution. The pool pump cover called “Serene +” made by Premier Innovations Inc. when properly fitted and installed may keep your pump operational and prevent costly upgrades or replacement pump.

The cover was developed and patented by an engineer who just simply wanted to enjoy his own peaceful backyard and dampen the noise of his own pump strategically located by his bedroom window. Soon the noise pollution product has become a well sought out solution by many frustrated homeowners and neighbors. Often people, out of frustration, purchase the cover for their neighbors that have the offending pool pump noise.

Serene + cover has become the standard product that many cities that pool builders turn to for solutions. This cover is designed to reduce the offending noise level by 75% to 92%. This is a noticeable detectable noise reduction solution.

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