Understanding swimming pool pump noise – The definitive guide (2018)

Guide to understand benefits of Pool Pump cover

Sound is what is produced when the eardrums vibrate due to pressure differences in the air. The vibration is transmitted from the eardrum through tiny bones in the middle ear and then through an intricate system in the temporal bone. Here the vibration is transformed into electrical nerve stimulation and communication to the brain where it is translated into the sounds we perceive. We hear multiple tones, pitches and sound strengths based on the frequency of the sound waves.
In the logarithmic sound pressure scale, the intensity of sound depends on the number of sources. For example, two equal noise sources produce a higher intensity than one source by 3 Decibels. Ten sound sources will produce 10 dBs higher, and one hundred, 20 dBs higher. The formula used to measure intensity of sound from several equally strong sources is given below;

Lp (total) = Lp + 10*lg(n)

where (n) is the number of equal sources and Lp is the sound pressure level from a source.

The human ear’s sensitivity to sound varies, for sound travels in different frequencies. The measuring instrument is designed such that it filters its measurements in A-weighted level that matches the sound the human ear experiences. Some degree of sound has a higher frequency, which is measured on a different scale known as decibel branding. The resulting sound level is then stated in dB(A). There is also filtering according to a C-weighted level that is used for high-frequency sounds; the result is then stated as dB(C).

What is decibel?

Sound is measured using an instrument that expresses in Decibels. It is abbreviated as dB. The least audible noise is at 0 dB, from there, every increase of 3 dB represents a doubling of sound intensity, or acoustic power. The ambient noise level is 30 dB.

What is noise?

The difference between sound and noise is that noise is usually defined as an undesirable sound. Such sounds may be perceived as just disturbing and annoying, or they may be directly harmful to hearing. What is sound and what is noise is indeed purely subjective, determined by the attitude toward the noise source. Controlling noise is very important especially in the workplace or around our home, in our backyard that is here to enjoy. Eliminating negative effects around us must be a priority. Noise controlling methods are often seen in highways and railways, and things like sound barrier solutions are often used to reduce levels of noise pollution.

Calculation of noise

Measuring noise

The Unit for measuring noise is decibels; measured by a Decibel Meter. The decibel meter contains a highly sensitive microphone that detects any sound vibration and converts it into an electrical signal.
There is handheld devices available to purchase or even phone apps that can help in measuring noise. Some trusted devices and phone apps are listed below:

Swimming pool pumps noise

A typical swimming pool pump runs in the range of 65-90 decibels, almost as loud as riding in a subway car. This can be a detriment to a pools outdoor pleasure. Even a small decrease in this sound can help tremendously. Many people perceive a given sound to be louder than others when they have a measurement difference of 10 decibels. A (-)10 decibels difference represents a decrease in the noise intensity by 90 percent.

Our perception of a peaceful environment is altered with Increased noise. Loud or repetitive noise will have a negative effect on our experience in that environment. We consider swimming pool pumps as one of these intrusive sounds created in our own backyard which should be the place of relaxation and family fun. Most of us would do anything to try and mitigate these unpleasant effects of pool pump noise. This is why we created a solution to overcome a common backyard problem.

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