4 key tips to figure out what causes your pool pump motor to be noisy

How to figure out what causes your pool motor to be noisy?

We know how much of a nuisance a loud swimming pool pump could be to both you and your neighbours alike. Some pool pumps usually make a lot of noise, while other pumps are quieter because they have been innovated by manufactures who are trying to create a serene environment for you to enjoy your backyard swimming pool. Also, the intensity and disturbance of the loud noise will depend on the location of the pool. When your pool pump starts producing more noise than normal, it is usually an indication that something in the pool pump needs repair.

The first thing to do when your pool pump is loud is to listen and try to spot the source of the noise. Next, you need to identify the type of noise the pool pump is making. The noise may be rattle that sounds like a series of short sharp with loud sounds as if hard objects are colliding. This sound indicates that there are loose screws and that the pool pump motor isn’t well seated on its base.

Other sound you may find are a clattering noise which is like marbles moving around the pump. The noise from your pool system can also be a rumbling, or screeching sound.

As you can see, there are many different causes that can make a loud pump noise in your pool system.  Here are a few reasons with a description of how the noise is produced.


This happens when the supply of water is lower than adequate within a particular time frame. This means that the pool pump is starved of water and the impeller spins with insufficient water. This can cause a loud clattering sound.

Blocked impeller:

Constant cavitation can lead to wearing out of the pool pump. This is because during cavitation, the pool pump motor runs dry as the impeller will be beating the air. If the pool pump is on for long, the impeller will begin to heat up, which would in turn produce a loud rattling noise.

Internal Blockage

During the filtering process, debris can get pulled into the pool pump and clog skimmer baskets, filters, and drains. This can cause a grinding noise.

Wear-out of motor bearings:

in the instance of screaming noises, it may be that the bearings of the pool pump motor are wearing out. Bearings are placed onto the pool pump motor to help reduce the friction as the electromagnets make the motor shaft spin.

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