What are the different types of swimming pool pump noise?

What are different types of swimming pool pump noise?

Certain pool pumps based on their make, produce a loud noise. While other swimming pool pumps that are manufactured by companies (mostly R&D based) are created or designed to be quieter.

The main source of pool noises is the pool pump which is the heart of the swimming pool working system. The pool pump can make different sounds and just in case you have been curious about what the noises your pool make are called, this post reveals some of the most common types.

The first step to diagnosing a noisy pool is to observe the sort of noises it produces. Here are descriptions of the common noises.


The rattle sound is a rapid series of short, sharp, loud sounds, like the type resulting from the collision of hard objects such as clanging metal. This noise can be an indication that there are loose screws and that your swimming pool pump isn’t seated properly on its base.


The clattering noise can sometimes be compared to the sound of marbles moving around the pool pump. This sort of noise caused most times by cavitation. We would go through this occurrence in a bit.

Rumbling or Screeching:

The rumbling is a low continuous heavy deep, resonant sound, or a series of sounds such as the sound made by heavy vehicles or thunder. Screeching, on the other hand, is a sharp, high-pitched sound like that of car tires when the break is pressed suddenly. These noises mainly signal that the bearings of the pool pump motor are wearing out, which is a familiar issue.

Bearings are placed on the motor to help reduce the friction as the electromagnets make the motor shaft spin, and therefore wear out easily. Any frequently used swimming pool pump will need to have bearings change eventually.

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