Paul (Florida)

best pool pump covers

Being respectful of our neighbors we decided to purchase the complete model L080555 from to reduce the pump noise.  We have found the product to be the smart solution to noise reduction and our neighbors even commented how quite the pump and motor is now.   I would absolutely recommend the investment as is serves a multitude of purposes and may even extend the life of the pool motor.

Mike (Florida)

pool pump motor cover

Okay this is a video where you can hear the sound even in the corner. it is barely audible. I have to tell you this is an amazing product it worked perfectly. Thank You! – (Listen on our Instagram…)

Gary (Texas)

pool pump covers

I was skeptical of the claimed 75%-90% noise reduction. Once installed, I was very pleased to find that this was not just marketing hype. There was a dramatic drop in overall noise and an almost complete reduction in the higher pitch range the makes it feel like your head is in a vise. My pump unit is near the pool and it prevented normal conversation while running, this product has dramatically enhanced my ability to enjoy the pool and entertain in the entire area around the pool. I’ve no doubt my neighbors will appreciate that I no longer need to keep my music volume loud enough to be heard over the pool pump.

The soft sided construction was a HUGE bonus. My pool company installed the filter system so close to the actual pump that it would be impossible to fit a rigid square box around the pump. The semi-rigid nature of the product allowed me to squeeze it into the space between the pump and filter with minimal effort.

Great product and great service. What more can you ask?

Adam (Australia)

Pool Pump Motor

Dear Laurent – Thank you for your covers which arrived here in Sydney, Australia safely. They were simple to install and are working extremely well. The pumps are significantly quieter and my neighbors are much less affected by the noise. As we say down here –

Jim (Florida)

best pool pump cover

Dear Laurent – Just a note to thank you for all of your help in muffling the roar of my 2hp swimming pool pump. Even though my pump was not one that you had worked with before, you were willing (and able) to work with me from opposite sides of the continent so that you could fabricate a cover that was custom-fitted to my pump. It’s been a pleasure working with you. Thanks and best of luck!

Scott (Texas)

best swimming pool pump covers

We recently put in a new pool and were enjoying it immensely, but one thing that was consistently annoying was the constant hum sound from the filters and pumps, which was audible from both the hot tub and the pool. If we were listening to music, we had to turn it up to an unusually high volume in order to hear it comfortably over the sound of the filters.

I did some quick searches online to see if there was a solution to this problem, and that’s where I came across the Premier Innovations product. I was admittedly a bit skeptical at first, particularly regarding the claim of 90% noise reduction, but figured it was worth a try.

I can say unequivocally that the difference was obvious, immediate, and dramatic. Further, the product is remarkably simple to use and easy to install. The only sound we hear from the pool now is sound of water from the waterfall. It has quite literally changed our pool experience. It is a great product and I’d recommend it wholeheartedly.

Karen & Tim (California)

Pool Motor Cover

Hi Laurent, Thanks again for all your help. The two units our neighbors purchased and installed, have certainly helped to quiet some of the noise from their pool equipment. we would recommend them to anyone having a problem with pool pump noise.

Greg (Oklahoma)

pool pumps covers

Because of the slope of our yard our pool pump had to be located near our house and pump noise used to be the focus of our backyard pool experience. Since installing the Serene+ noise reducer, we no longer notice the pump noise and can simply enjoy the outdoors. I’m also impressed with the quality and workmanship of your product. Thank you.