Gary (Texas)

pool pump covers

I was skeptical of the claimed 75%-90% noise reduction. Once installed, I was very pleased to find that this was not just marketing hype. There was a dramatic drop in overall noise and an almost complete reduction in the higher pitch range the makes it feel like your head is in a vise. My pump unit is near the pool and it prevented normal conversation while running, this product has dramatically enhanced my ability to enjoy the pool and entertain in the entire area around the pool. I’ve no doubt my neighbors will appreciate that I no longer need to keep my music volume loud enough to be heard over the pool pump.

The soft sided construction was a HUGE bonus. My pool company installed the filter system so close to the actual pump that it would be impossible to fit a rigid square box around the pump. The semi-rigid nature of the product allowed me to squeeze it into the space between the pump and filter with minimal effort.

Great product and great service. What more can you ask?

pool pump covers